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No matter what type of php site you are running, this is a fast and easy way to integrate 2 way video chat functionality on it.

* Our free mode licensing can be subject to change as we desire.

Also all can be downloaded for evaluation in free (limited) mode.

That requires compatible hosting as listed on our site.

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Compared to the full mode licenses this free trial mode has some limitations.The free mode is great for trial evaluation, developers doing integrations or customizations, resellers or low budget websites.

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1) It now works without throwing errors (also thanks Geert Nijpels) 2) It now, in theory, returns $this-num_queries it keeps track of exactly how many 'real' (not cached) queries were executed (using ez SQL) during the lifetime of one script. - Put a white table behind the vardump output so that it doesn't get lost on dark websites. ) 1.20 - Update (New Version) - C++ SQLite version added. (thanks Brennan Falkner) 1.19 - Update (All Versions) - Fixed bug where any string containing the word 'insert', 'delete' or 'update' (where those words were not the actual query) was causing unexpected results (thx Simon Willison).… continue reading »

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