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My daughter is only 9years old and has a tablet to play on for an hour a day. Rs.500 Recharge failed in October yet not received my refund. customer service is so bad more then words can saw. My 11 year old sister is using it, and she likes it (she only has three friends: me and her two best friends at school) so I think it is best for about 11 to 12.

I found my daughter playing this app and people are messaging her about porn and sex and asking her to post pictures of her body!!

Sometimes simplicity can help users communicate even better than a multitude of methods, and The age displayed for each title is the minimum one for which it's developmentally appropriate. Scammed, worst experience of my life with on-line transaction. A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded Line because I was using Line Play and it was suggested to me in the App Store.

We recently updated all of our reviews to show only this age, rather than the multi-color "slider." Get more information about our ratings. It's a bit creative (on how you could replace words with images related to it) but it can get pretty confusing if one uses the images too much. Otherwise, I think it is pretty good; it's safe for kids, I think.

The integration between some social media elements (timelines, games) and video, audio, calls, and many other forms of messaging is interesting, although sometimes more options in one app are useful and at other times they can clutter basic functions until it becomes too distracting to enjoy any of the many options.

Voice-message sound quality during this review was less clear than in other messaging apps.

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This app includes a lot of ways to spend money, little by little, through small in-app purchases for a pack of cute stickers or a game.Privacy can be improved by using the privacy settings, which include the option to make your "Public User ID" not public, add a passcode, and filter message from non-friends.The app is free, but in-app purchases are required for some features, such as calling contacts who aren't Register for LINE with your mobile device's phone number and an email address (or only an email address for computer or non-phone-based devices).works on almost any smartphone, but both sender and recipient must have installed this app and have each other as contacts in their phones to use it.

Create a profile, and view which friends in your contacts already have LINE so you can call or message them for free.

Invite other friends to has become a popular messaging app, presumably in part because of its many options for messaging, cute stickers, and use across platforms and computers.