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So she is bad-mouthing them to staff, bullying Roberta into “joining her” in her hatred and and maligning them to other staff. It has happened before and I have learned how to deal with workplace bullies and insecure people who feel the need to undermine the reputations of their peers in order to make themselves look better.

What I’m concerned about, and what was confirmed by Roberta during our interview, is this “curse.” My information is that Mandy said something along these lines: “When people make me angry, or cross me, I don’t worry because I have ways to get rid of them. I have a place in my house with candles and other items and I know how to do that.”Jeff is thinking it is just silly, but Whitney is absolutely terrified.

She’s looking up ways to ward off curses online and starting to consider going on sick leave because she is afraid to work with this woman.

(To make it worse, both Jeff and Whitney got really sick and missed almost a full week of week approximately two weeks after Roberta said that Mandy “cursed” them, which adds to her fear!

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And in this same conversation, you should also make it clear that badmouthing her coworkers to others isn’t acceptable either, and that she’s expected to behave professionally and pleasantly while she’s at work.

The head janitor (Jeff), the assistant head janitor (Mandy), and two cleaners (Whitney and Roberta). There are four cleaning staff working at one school.Normally I’m a big fan of managers handling performance problems on their staff themselves rather than looking to HR to do it for them, but in this case, since she’s putting curses on her manager, I can see an argument for you having a one-time meeting with her and her manager and jointly laying down the law.(Of course, this may just get you added to the list of people she’s cursing, but black magic is one of many occupational hazards.) Tell her clearly that it’s not acceptable to threaten to curse or otherwise harm anyone she works with, that threatening people with harm — regardless of the means — is grounds for termination, and that this is a one-time warning but if it happens again, you’ll let her go.

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)To me, regardless of whether or not she is Wiccan or a witch or practices voodoo or whatever she does, this is a bona fide threat against another employee.I honestly want to treat this pretty seriously, separate from the bullying issue. I think that’s exactly right — it’s intended as a threat and that’s not acceptable.