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20-Jul-2016 22:04

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Eventually, he started calling his friends at school mean names, which got me a call from the counselor.I decided to temporarily change his password to something only I can log into.Eventually, they left me alone and I started to view the comments made by other players like "say 123 for a hot bf".I read in the TOS that all content is user created, and I immediately thought this could be abused, and I was right.

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Then I complained to the only email address I could find for contacting them (I happened to see the abuse) and my kid's account was then banned for 3 days for violating the TOS (although when you read the TOS it does not state this as an offence). Roblox loads software to your computer which I have found to be invasive and interferes with my loaded programs. All in all, try a free account and then spend your money on at home video games for family and friends.Recently, my 9 year old son was on the internet (of course with me right behind him monitoring him) and he found this on google, while looking up a kids game website.I then created an account and started to play the game myself.I immediately noticed severe product advertising (Builder's Club) and the incredibly size of the website.

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I saw the website, and it looked legitimate and reasonable, so, I let him make a free account.

Soon, he became responsible enough to be allowed to go on alone.

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