Freida pinto dating james franco

24-Dec-2015 22:51

You’re not supposed to cut out your stars half-way through your blockbuster movie.

You’re not supposed to rest your big summer movie on apes created by CGI motion-capture technology.

Will assures him that he’s not a pet, but when Caesar violently attacks an ass-hole neighbor in order to protect a confused Charles, the police throw Caesar into an animal control facility with regular stupid apes. Wyatt takes his time developing the character of Caesar and while Franco may be the “star” of the film, it really belongs to Serkis and the special effect geniuses at WETA.

Will becomes a background character as he struggles to get Caesar released while trying to update ALZ-112 to into an aerosol form that can better fight off antibodies.

Wyatt places his movie in the hands of characters that cannot talk except through sign language (which is used sparingly), must convey most of their emotions through facial expressions alone, and those facial expressions can’t cheat what we all know to be the faces of apes, gorillas, and orangutans.

An ape called Bright Eyes (the treatment causes the irises of the apes to turn gold) has made the furthest progress and she’s about to be introduced to investors, but then unexpectedly goes wild, breaks free, ruins the presentation, and is shot dead before she wreaks any more havoc.

You’re not supposed to sell an audience on the far-fetched idea that humans can be defeated by a species that doesn’t have opposable thumbs [Hollywood movies would really like it if scientists stopped trying to cure things.Our medical knowledge peaked when we stopped using leeches and realized that maybe we shouldn’t shit in our drinking water.Caesar inherited his mother’s heightened intelligence and at age three he’s already smarter than most eight-year-old children.Eight years after Will adopted him, Caesar is an adult (and played by Andy Serkis via mo-cap technology) and beginning to question whether or not he’s an equal or just a glorified pet.

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Everything else is pure hubris and so it goes that scientist Will Rodman (James Franco) is in a noble-but-misguided quest to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

His company GEN-SYS has created a new treatment called ALZ-112 and has been testing it on apes.

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