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19-Nov-2014 20:16

The typical image of a rapist is a crazed maniac who jumps out of the bushes, brandishes a knife or gun and forces a woman to have sex with him.Images like this are strong and lasting but they mask the essential fact that most rapes are committed by acquaintances and lovers, date rape.

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Young women are taught that males know more about sex than females, so the female should comply with the male's demand.

Both males and females feel certain behavior allows a man to force sex, such as the woman "leading the man on." These uncertainties are often based on the reluctance of women and men to express their feelings.

In our culture, men are taught to view women as either virtuous or sexually loose, which contributes to uncertainty about female desires.

Men are taught to not take women seriously, that women do not really mean what they say.

The false image lives on because few rapes by acquaintances are reported: in fact those involved often do not recognize that a rape has occurred.

The legal definition of rape is a victim having sexual intercourse against her will and without her consent.