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Even if your evening plans are to steal a bunch of Dalmatians to make into a coat, this tutorial will ensure you look amazing doing it!Start with a white base and then apply a green eye shadow to both eyelids keeping the shape more round to keep that cartoon appearance.Add a darker green eye shadow around the edges to create a contour. Darken the eyebrows and extend them out for a more dramatic cartoon look.Finally add a bright red lipstick to complete this application!This was an opening session in an unusual citizenship education program that is held once each month at Dorchester Center, Mcintosh, Georgia for the purpose of helping adults help educate themselves.In a five day course, those three words became the basis of a new education in citizenship for the Negroes and whites who attended the training session.When looking back on childhood photos, you might think, “Wow, I was so cute! " What you probably don't imagine is how those childhood outfits and poses would hold up in today’s, adult world.

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See Citizenship Schools Started for background & more information. A machine operator from Atlanta raised his hand to ask another question. Then she wrote "Constitution" and "Amendment." Then she turned to her class of 30 adult students. "This is the reason we know we are citizens: Because it's written in an amendment to the Constitution." An elderly Negro minister from Arkansas took notes on a yellow legal pad. She received a variety of answers, and when the discussion died down, the teacher was able to make a generalization.Through reenacting baby photos, this creative and hilarious series proves that there is definitely an age limit for certain trends.

From messy lunch faces to ornate Easter dresses, some looks just aren’t meant for adults.Each participant left with a burning desire to start their own Citizenship Education schools among their own communities.