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01-Nov-2014 05:00

To quote Peacock: What I’m talking about is the girls who have no interest or history in gaming taking nearly naked photos of themselves with game controllers draped all over their body just to play at being a “model.” I get sick of wannabes who couldn’t make it as car show eye candy slapping on a Batman shirt and strutting around comic book conventions instead.I’m talking about an attention addict trying to satisfy her ego and feel pretty by infiltrating a community to seek the attention of guys she wouldn’t give the time of day on the street. I mean, there’s always the fact that he feels that the best way to “defend” geek culture against these “poachers” – his words – is to slut-shame them for to taunt these nerds with their luscious bodies.Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov.

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geek girls, who parade around in their scandalous token nerd-bedecked undies in order to bask in the attention of the hapless males who flock to them like socially maladjusted bees to a particularly attention-seeking flower.Jonathan Chase was born on October 26, 1979 in Plantation, Florida, USA as Jonathan Shane Greenfield. Make sure to follow IMDb on Facebook and send your questions here.He is an actor, known for Ultimate Game (2009), Another Gay Movie (2006) and Love Thy Neighbor (2013). Of course, not content to stick to mere denigrating women for their wanton displays of girlflesh, leaving men powerless as their involuntary erections sap all blood from their brains, he decided to kick it up to the next level.

The latest go-round of pearl-clutching, beard stroking and deep-seated harumphing was kicked off when Joe Peacock – self-appointed gatekeeper of all things geek – took up arms against this supposed pox upon the community with an article on entitled Booth Babes Need Not Apply, complaining that San Diego Comic-Con- amongst other offenders – was “populated with “hot chicks” wearing skimpy outfits simply to get a bunch of gawking geeks’ heads to turn, just to satisfy their hollow egos.” Now while I’m willing to believe that Peacock’s heart is in the right place, the execution leaves a to be desired.

In an attempt to comment about “Booth Babes” and “poachers” in geekdom, he manages to dip both feet in a frothy mix of nerdrage.

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