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25-Oct-2015 08:10

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I couldn’t imagine a convention more up my alley if I started it myself. I have for you today the fabulousness that is the Genrenauts Season One omnibus cover, created by Thomas Walker.

I’m very excited (like hovering over my chair excited) because today is a big landmark in my writing career.

Today marks the result of countless hours of writing, planning, and promotion, as Genrenauts: The Complete Season One Collection releases to the world.

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The fine folks at have placed a number of novellas on discount, dropping the ebook price from .99 to just $.99.This includes The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts Episode 1), so if you have a friend who might be interested in Genrenauts, now is a great time for them to try it out. As part of spreading the word about Genrenauts, I’m offering free copies of The Cupid Reconciliation to anyone who signs up for my newsletter through Insta Freebie.If you’re itching to pick up a copy, here are some convenient links: Direct from the Author (via Gumroad) Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * i Tunes And now, some reflection, in the form of the acknowledgments for… I’m very excited to be a Featured Guest at Nerd Con: Stories in Minneapolis, MN this October 14-15th.Nerd Con: Stories is a new convention (in its 2nd year) celebrating stories and the power of storytelling.

This will let folks try out the series and decide if they want to go back and pick up the other episodes or to take the plunge and pick…

As this post goes, live, I am on my way to Minneapolis, MN for Nerd Con: Stories, a two-day celebration of the power of storytelling (October 14-15th). I’ll be on a gaming panel, reprising my How To Hand-Sell Your Book presentation, and reading during a showcase…