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Some Virgo wizards are also sorted into House Gryffindor because of their amazing imaginations; on the surface they may appear straight-laced and almost nervous, but inside is a wealth of romantic yearning and fantastic excitement.This is not a natural sign for Gryffindor, but some Gryffindors do end up born under the influence of Virgo.They are hard workers and usually very bright; they tend to be more ethically obsessed than most.") They have sharp tempers and need to learn to direct their anger toward only needful causes.The natural creativity and flamboyance of Leo makes Gryffindors born under this sign good at most everything they attempt, provided they apply themselves to learning magic rather than using magic to hog the limelight.

We've matched up some of her different write-ups with characters based on their birthdays.

This is a natural sign for Gryffindors, not least because the griffin is part lion.