Gilf dating com

11-Oct-2015 15:38

However, we are proud to say that we have never done this and actually gone to great length to avoid “time wasters” signing up to the site. The company was started in 2006 with one aim; set up a place where younger men could go to have sex with older women.The volume of people signing up caused us to grow from two to seven.

The mantra of this company is; how can we help people have more sex? Over the years we have developed and improved the website to make everything simpler and easier.

Even with the launch of our three new sites, gilf blowjobs, fat gilf dating and anal loving gilfs.

This was a way to make it easier for men and women to meet up.

Our thought process was, if two people are looking for anal sex, they are more likely to want to meet up soon.

Or equally, if a fat granny is looking for sex, why not give her a site full of men, looking to have sex with fat grannies.Other companies have given online dating a bad name over the last year or so, setting up fake profiles just to convince men to hand over credit card details.