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And while it’s not as common for women to go into “the girl cave,” it definitely falls under the “normal” umbrella.Usually when we speak of “the cave,” the man is the one pulling away to regain his sense of self and independence.It also seems on other occasions when she wants to take time for herself she pushes me away.She may say things that are hurtful just prior to or during our time apart. -Mitch Hi Mitch, Yes, it can be healthy for the relationship.Which is no surprise since Martians love autonomy and Venusians love community.But this doesn’t mean men exclusively love being alone and women exclusively love being in relationships.Sometimes, women feel the urge to pull away from a relationship when the intimacy gets too intense too quickly or the couple spends “too much” time together.At this point, SHE needs to reassert her sense of self and independence. It feels wonderful to a woman when a man is attentive to her needs, when he takes care of her and makes her happy. But without solid ground beneath her, a woman can get lost in the strength and comfort of the arms holding her up.

My girlfriend has recently had out of town family members come to visit and between me and them had little time for herself.Is it appropriate and healthy for the relationship if she indicates she needs time apart from the relationship to take care of herself?She loves herself through his eyes, and forgets to do the work to love herself through her own.Because he makes her happy, she becomes dependant on him to make her happy.

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Hi Lauren, I started a new relationship 2 months ago.

We’ve spent a large amount of time together in bliss and we both seemed to really enjoy the attachment.

Spain Criteria: (i)(iii)(iv) Located at the heart of Andalusia in southern Spain, the site comprises three megalithic monuments: the Menga and Viera dolmens and the Tholos of El Romeral, and two natural monuments: the Peña de los Enamorados and El Torcal mountainous formations, which are landmarks within the property.… continue reading »

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Her reasons for his being a good catch was that he "loves showing off his money and has a temper" (who to the what now?! Her reasoning: because we're both Black and have dreads. With the first two female friends, they weren't putting my likes and interests in mind, they thought about what they liked and went with that.… continue reading »

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As a wise woman once pointed out, "Men have two speeds: on and off." Women are experience-oriented.… continue reading »

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Its been a while that i manage myself not to have any serious relationship with someone until i realized its wonderful that i have my answered prayer man to grow old with. i like a mature man .i know he is understanding and caring.… continue reading »

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) Jesse: Yes, being on a reality dating show did change my perceptions and expectations about dating. If you’re not feeling it, then call it like it is and shut it down.… continue reading »

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