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31-May-2016 08:08

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Throw in a genuine compliment to make them feel comfortable.“I really like kissing you,” or “You’re a good kisser,” is usually all it takes.I thought if I was gentle about it, it would be the long and silent kind. Sure, a fart can be bad news bears when you’re mid-kiss, but nothing ruins a kiss faster than someone shoving a tongue down your throat. The best way to know when you’re not doing too much is if you’re both using equal amounts of pressure — your teeth should never hit each other, and if one person is stabbing the other person with their tongue, you’re doing it wrong. The next step is realizing that kissing isn’t just tongue and lips, it’s an experience for the whole body!

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Just as the title of the category hints, the games found in this particular category are those games in which the player has to kiss his partner without getting caught by people around who are curious and sarcastic.My first kiss happened when I was 16 in a closet at a party.

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