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05-Mar-2015 21:03

One by one, family and friends were invited into their hospital room. Korey Rademacher recorded everyone when they introduced their babies and the reactions were priceless.

Family and friends happily joined the new parents at West Florida Hospital to help celebrate their new addition, but Korey and Sharon had a secret.The Rademacher’s family and friends had no idea the couple had an extra bundle of joy.In South Korea, one-person households are extremely common and on the rise. Perhaps the most notorious suppressed invention is the General Motors EV1, subject of the 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car?Reuters reports that one-person households could comprise a third of the population in 15 years. By day, she works at a consulting agency [she later quit that job to eat full-time]. The EV1 was the world's first mass-produced electric car, with 800 of them up for lease from GM in the late '90s.

Meanwhile, she's getting tips in the form of online currency that can be exchanged for cash. and 9 p.m., with her broadcasts going on for hours.

But the live-streams aren't considered "feeder porn" like they might be in America. The Internet craze is called "Meok-Bang" and it cures loneliness and hunger pangs. As with many mok-bang streams, it's a seemingly endless parade of delicious food, whether that's yummy Korean food, pizza, pasta, steak, you name it.