Google updating

24-Sep-2015 23:59

Trying to figure out a way to have column two auto-update to show a timestamp of the last update.

I realize the doc shows a timestamp of the last modification, but we have a lot of clients accessing and adjusting the doc at the same time. I'll admit I have not done coding, so this is beyond me.

Now that I've told you how to use Google Coupons to market your small business, I realize that I haven't bothered to tell you how to update your business listings on Google Maps and Google Local.

Since it's hard to get the egg without the chicken (and vice versa) here's a quick tutorial on customizing your information on your Google Maps listing.

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Myanda had posted something that seemed along the right path, but we are not sure how to implement it for our needs: Google Spreadsheet Timestamp?

It would help if you could link us to the document, or provide an example document of what you're looking for.