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02-Oct-2015 00:32

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That may be true for the general population, but security clearance holders should exercise additional caution.Loneliness and love can cause even the smartest people to make incredibly irrational decisions.Contrary to one recent client’s joke about leveraging his impressive-sounding job for “game” in his dating profile, you should never post anything that even implies access to classified information.Of course, a natural question on a first date is “what do you do for a living? It was, in effect, the Lonely Hearts Club for the technologically savvy. Not long ago, online dating came with a serious stigma.The phenomenon is particularly common in large cities.

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You would never walk around wearing a sign announcing your security clearance status.

And yet, I have had several clients put themselves at enormous risk for effectively doing just that in their dating profile.

Bigley represents clients worldwide in security clearance denials and revocations. Most of us probably know at least one entirely normal person who met their significant other online.

Yet just as internet technology has evolved with lightning speed, so have social perceptions on acceptable ways of finding a mate.

A number of studies have shown an increase in reckless personal behavior as a result of the seeming anonymity afforded by the internet.That recklessness can manifest itself in divulging information that makes you a target for a foreign intelligence service.