Great sphinx dating

26-Apr-2016 16:51

This conforms with the observation that the floor of the enclosure is carved well into the less weathered parts of Member I in the back of the Sphinx, while in the front the lower velocities, caused by the high porosity, were measured along or close to the top of the weathered unconformity of Member I.The earlier dating of the Sphinx has further inspired researchers and writers to link the Sphinx to ancient lost civilizations such as Atlantis.This member is well exposed in the western parts of the enclosure walls and floor and also forms the lower part of the Sphinx sculpture, (now covered with repair blocks).The role that water has played in erosion on the Sphinx itself is therefore ambiguous because its signature cannot be distinguished from the imprint from earlier weathering.Nature has played its own ‘shabby-chic trick’ to make the carved surfaces look older than they are, which has led even trained geologists to conclude that the Sphinx must have been carved while Egypt was still exposed to uninhibited seasonal rainfall and hence was several thousand years older than had been determined by archaeologists.It is composed mostly of un-stratified dark gray limestone containing fossils and coral fragments, probably deposited in a shallow marine reef environment.After uplift the top of Member I was weathered and eroded, as can be seen in the topography and structure of the top of the layer.

Most Egyptologists attribute the carving of the Great Sphinx to King Khafra of the Old Kingdom's Fourth Dynasty, approximately 2,500 B. A pre-dynastic dating of the Sphinx resulting from the water erosion hypothesis was first suggested by author John A. This was followed up in 1992 in a paper by geologist Dr. Schoch, Redating the Great Sphinx of Giza, which deals with scientific investigations of the weathering and erosion, and in which Schoch concluded that the vertical erosion was caused by water erosion after the carving of the Sphinx.This fueled a debate with Egyptologists that has continued for more than two decades.