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04-Nov-2014 22:55

Using an MRI, researchers saw their brains “exhibited increased brain activity in several regions associated with reward, motivation, addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which helps to explain why you might struggle to let go after a romantic relationship ends.” Though it may be tempting, don’t drown your sorrows in alcohol or drugs, including workaholism, these are temporary distractions that only will defer feeling the pain and prolong the healing process.

Plus you might be more tempted to reach out to her or attempt some sort of Lloyd Dobler-esque boombox-outside-her-window maneuver, which trust me, only works in the movies. Decades of romantic movie plots have incorrectly taught us that pretty much all break-ups warrant some sort of go-for-broke romantic gesture. Sometimes your former significant other wants their space, and your sky-written love note or dozen puppies in a box wearing “take me back” sashes could come off as desperate.

Traditionally, men have been discouraged from showing excessive emotion from an early age.

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But that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel things too, including suffering after a break-up; Several recent studies even point to the fact that break-ups might even affect men more than women.

Now, there’s at least a hundred “flavors” of break-ups.

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