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30-Dec-2015 05:55

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The malware and Trojans being provided by the hackers will allow anyone to take control of the targeted electronic device, eventually attacking the victim.

The report calls them “ratters.”The report also reveals that hackers are uploading malware programs and applications on the websites that receives a lot of teenage users.

But once it gets an access into your computer, that simple piece of code will allow the hacker to perform all those tasks on your computer which you can perform, and that too without your consent.

Digital hacking and learning about hacking has now become easier than you ever imagined, investigation report by the Digital Citizens Alliance reveals — Remote Access Trojan (RAT) Openly Available, Privacy Invasions at its Peak.

We all are aware of the fact that people have an open access to the Internet, and anyone can find any piece of information, provided they know how and where to find it.

A non-profit advocacy group named Digital Citizen Alliance revealed that the Internet is filled with information related to hacking, everything is out there, openly available, and within an easy access of the wannabe hackers.

The hackers are selling Remote Access Trojan (RAT) to the interested wannabe hackers, and believe it or not, most of the purchasers of these malware programs are youngsters and novice hackers.

Young Internet users are the easiest target of the hackers because their risk threshold is on the higher side and they are more prone to click on unacquainted websites and weblinks.

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RATs are basically a malicious code that can be concealed within the photographs, documents, videos, and music too, as these are the easiest and simplest ways to trick the targeted audience into downloading the malware onto the computer.

The malicious software or application, in front of your screen, is just a simple code.

Thus, hackers are openly tapping into the most lucrative and valuable resource i.e.

the Internet, to publicize the privacy-invading tools.

Surprisingly, there is not much being done to combat these disturbing privacy invasions.But the organization believes that the individuals and corporations can take certain steps to fix this ever increasing problem.

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