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29-May-2016 13:28

Standard Insurance is available through EGEA/CTA and not EGUSD.

Contact EGEA (916-685-4588) and/or Standard Insurance (1-800-522-0406) to re-enroll in disability insurance.

Clinect Patient Survey is the only Patient Experience Platform in the industry that was designed specifically for healthcare provider practices, clinics, and hospitals.

Easy to implement, easy to use, only Clinect provides instant patient engagement and feedback to help you improve patient satisfaction, meet industry requirements, and strengthen your bottom line.

Their salary may be impacted as well when they return.

When an employee returns from unpaid leave of absence it is their responsibility to contact Payroll and Benefits to re-enroll in any voluntary deductions, which includes disability income protection premiums (Standard Insurance).

Teachers are encouraged to contact Benefits and Payroll to discuss the effect an unpaid child rearing leave will have on their salary and benefits.

There may be a cost for medical benefits while on unpaid child rearing leave depending on the medical coverage employees selected during open enrollment.

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