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24-Jul-2016 00:31

Classical singer Hayley Westenra is engaged to marry her longterm partner, according to a report.The 24-year-old soprano has been dating French sound engineer Arnaud Sabard for years, and the technician recently proposed to Westenra in her native New Zealand.Secrecy surrounded the wedding after the pair signed an exclusive deal with the magazine Woman's Day.Last Thursday Westenra's father, Gerald, would not confirm his daughter had married.Classical singer Hayley Westenra is engaged to marry her longterm partner, according to a U.

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Riddle me this: if you didn't know sweet, girl-next-door Hayley Westenra was dating a gorgeous Frenchman she dragged back to her home town of Christchurch at Christmas, would you see this photo from the Royal British Legion's Friends of the Forces awards in London this week and think, "Hey, Hayley is such a flirt"" or would you think, "Dang, girl can manage killer heels, a shiny clutch, a glass of wine and a glint in her eye while in front of royalty. Multi-tasking is tough at the best of times, but Our Hayls has nailed it. "Tonight I was @ the Friends Of The Forces awards dinner put on by the Royal British Legion...She flashes her dreamy bedroom eyes at Prince Harry, who points and appears to say: "I know you... "[The wedding] is getting close, but it hasn't happened yet," he said.That proved to be untrue as photos and fuller details of the wedding, held four days before the denial, have been published today.

" The toffy-nosed programme-holder in the pinstriped suit and tie looks aghast, as if to say: "Your Royal Highness, this is Hayley Westenra. The songbird took to Twitter later that night to gush about the event.

The diva who sang at the wedding of your parents, Sir." And Hayley bats her lashes, hunches her shoulders, and leans in closer to the Prince, ignoring the stuffy courtier, as if to say, "Dunno, maybe," all the while knowing they were never an item, but playing hard to get and figuring "Princess Hayley" has a nice ring to it.