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Manato and Haruka must find a way to deal with their unrequited love, and in doing so find the happiness for which they are searching. Checking out this page, I couldn't understand why it has such low ratings?!?

I love this film, I've watched this film 7 times, every week I always watch it.

This story is very unique, because, it's about love between brother and sister, and also(this is the important part)I like the Kyoko's character in that film, she is so cute and kind.

Suppli DRAMA, ROMANCE, WORKA good balance of both the personal and work angles.

Kenji Sakuragi is a lawyer and former member of a motorcycle gang.

Jdramas that I could not find on IMDB:========================1.

Life DRAMA, SCHOOLA fast-paced emotional roller coaster ride that will leave you physically drained._______________________________________________2.

With his father's remarriage, Manato gradually finds himself attracted to his new step-sister, Yui, who is a constant thrill seeker, but she is completely oblivious to his feelings.

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An interesting storyline coupled with great chemistry between the secondary characters.This is a very wonderful story, not only the story, but the composition of the music with the film is so nice, and good to hear.