High school girl dating younger guy

01-Jun-2015 13:29

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It’s more normal for them to date college-age men, because of course there is nothing at all sketchy about an adult man in college who wants to date a 15-year-old.

RECENTLY, as I heard my daughter, a junior in high school, and her friends discuss their plans for the prom, I had a vaguely troubling thought: can a 16-year-old be a cougar?

We would never have even considered venturing out to the prom, let alone the school parking lot, with a boy in a lower grade, unless we were baby-sitting him. A one-year difference might as well have been a seven-year span, which is why the older boys looked so much wiser and more sophisticated than the boys our own age with acne. Senior boys have taken younger girls to prom since forever. I think I prefer dating a senior to someone my own age.” But if Kate Burkhardt, a junior at Dartmouth College, is correct, the cougar-in-training trend could continue as these high schoolers get older.

After all, you didn’t exactly grow up at the same time.

Her best friends wanted to take boys younger than themselves (much younger … And one of those boys just happened to be my ninth-grade son.Back in my prom days (when the big slow dance was still “Stairway to Heaven”), I went with a boy who was not just taller than me, but older as well. K., I was only a few months younger than him, but that still mattered to my friends and me. In fact, it sounds like the girls are just trying to avoid the sometimes-crappy power dynamics that come with dating someone older: “I think my relationship with Charlotte has made the kids in our two grades get to know each other much better,” Josh said, adding that he feels honored to be with Charlotte. I am willing to admit that she is older than me and has more confidence and experience.