Hilarious internet dating stories

09-May-2016 10:35

The receptionist asked for her ID, then looked up the info on his computer. I’ve been so lonely all my life–I’ve never had a “real” boyfriend–and I figured it was time.Story Sent in by Lettie: Patricia and I had gone out twice before.The third time she said she wanted to introduce me to her mother.

At the desk she asked the receptionist where her mother, Terri, was. She had barely mentioned anything about her family up until that point.She picked me up and I asked her a bunch of questions about her mother, each of which Patricia answered with some version of, "You'll see when we meet her." Patricia drove us to a hospital and led me to a reception desk.If you are like me, you get a kick out of hearing people's funny online dating stories.

I have heard some unbelievable and hilarious stories from my friends.

Sara is a very busy and creative person who chooses to look for men through online dating.