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05-Jun-2016 16:29

A transfer fron the Juvenile detention center to the real PMITA Pinellas county jail. Your name and legacy shall be inscribed in the minds of millions. Then again, 19 yr olds may not be doing in right, but they can do it all night... When I was 19, I would have been happy as a clam to be hittin' that.

49 year olds are way better in the sack than 19 year olds!

Brooke Hogan's reaction to her 48-year-old mom, Linda, dating someone 29 years her junior? satellite radio personality Michael Yo during a conversation the two had off air. "I am just staying the course and dealing with it and supporting my family," says Brooke. You know, I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families.

"I personally don’t like it at all or condone it, but she’s my mom, so I have to show her support." The Hulkster's daughter also confirmed that mom's man-child, Charley Hill, 19, was a classmate of hers and her jailed brother, Nick.

so it really wouldnt be a bearded clam then would it Personally I think Hogan was setup by his daughters 'Friend' (Christiane? Chris 'befriended' Brooke when Brooke was a teenager and Chris was in her 30's.

His 24-year marriage to wife Linda is headed for divorce, but now, in a new interview with “Access Hollywood’s” Maria Menounos, Hogan shows signs of regrets.

“As crazy as that sounds to say, I wish I was still with my wife,” Hogan told Menounos.