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Well, because I felt uncertain of a lot of details. And uh I really did not have the money to make the trip. You know- you know that whatever you say will be taken as crazy talk but you know I'm already working with uh, Reggie right? You know, it's going to be on like Play Station Network. And nobody better lay a finger on my son's Butterfinger! I'm not saying that necessarily, but if they can survive it in their own way, then I feel I can survive it in my own way- at my own pace. [More awful Homer Simpson impersonation] Well I don't know if it's close my life, but I feel like it's close enough to be with my own life! You ditched the prospect of Sarah Hammer just for Megan and [Microphone cuts out]. Looks like she's probably moved on from both of us. [sighs] [inaudible] Now, I just want to ask you a few questions about- about your past life. All you know is what's on TV and what's on movies and whatever. And they've influenced you to a point where you just believe romance is saying "I love you" over and over and over. I- it- it- it's a lot more than just saying I love you over and over again. It's about building so many memories with the woma- with the person the- uh- person of the opposite gender that you truly love and care about. Because without the emo- because without the true love and honest emotions, it's just about as meaningless as sex with a prostitute. I look for ten- I look for caring personality, and strong emotions, strong willed. Somebody also this woman who will just love me for me. [Voice deepens into what is probably a horrible Homer Simpson impersonation] Homer Simpson D'oh! If one is out of your reach, you just move on to the next one. I was so hurting in my heart and my soul that I had to lose her to you. [Sudden awful Family Guy impersonation] Hey listen, Peter Griffin, he's a family guy and he's retarded and yet look at his life! I mean I had to hear it from- I have to hear it from her own mouth that she is going to be with you. I-I mean God, You said yourself you were like, really close for months and months. If anything, like a job my father had working at General Electric. Like I wasn't totally sure I was talking to the real Mr. It's not going to happen for quite a few months in fact. [laughs] Of course, because it's being priced at .99. And that uh- with the power of prayer, and God by my side, and my sw- and my sweetheart, things will work out. I just need- hey if I am the one that needs to be telling everybody what to do then I have to find out what the company is about, and all things associated with the company, or whatever I'm the CEO of, and then I will give real thought, sound decisions and direction.

[mockingly] You said that to Megan, you said that to Sarah, you say that to all those people!

why do you drop women on the..you know, on the tip of the hat? Like for example he designed the controls for the plastic molding machines, so, without him, you would not have the plastic for your keyboard. You say “I love you” to every woman that walks down the street!

If you can't afford the money then you can't afford to save anything for your future; for your future children; for your future wife. You just think about now; you just think about what you want now; what you want- For the past five years, I've been working on a little egg to save money. This is- ain't, from my parents inheritance and some miles I can call him (? I got 15,000 saved Chris, for the past five years Chris. [Starts stammering] And build up the- and build up so much in my head sorting all the details out at my own pace. I could- I didn't even know what- I couldn't- I guess I just never really knew from her point of view.

Hey, I can't help it if they all moved on with their lives. That doesn't mean I'm not- I'm gonna hold it against them.

[Sigh] But then I have- but then I have to realize I have like- I mean besides I haven't heard from Sarah in a long time. I had some nice pictures, I announced the wedding, but, ahh it's...

She's supposedly in America right now, you know that, right? You know there's this, You know there's this person called Wes Iseli?