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And the Alien it's like more grown up, mature and wiser sister. As a fellow fragrantican commented, this is an "aquarius" perfume, if that makes any sense. In between this contradiction, you can feel rosewood, roses and vanilla. The result is ethereal and outwordly and I love it on other people.it's cozy, enveloping, sweet but fresh, distinctive and to my nose wellblended. No wonder if Thierry Mugler was inspired by that for creating the Alien fragrance. I say post-modern because all the notes scream equally strong which makes it hard to define. As a matter of fact, so strong that it almost resembles carnation.Ultraviolet is sexy, spicy, playful, fun and easy to wear. Then, a creamy blend of apricot and almond comes and makes this scent sit on the skin well.If it was heavier I wouldn't be in search of other perfumes which could fulfill all my expectations.But in spite of that, it's still my signature fragrance.It's so individual and bright and a bit old-fashioned but in a good way.

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If you can live we reapplying during the day (something i lololove to doe XD) I recommend it. Over the past 5 years I used around 7 bottles of Ultraviolet.I never saw anything that would smell the same way.i gave it to a friend and she threw it in the garbage. Not so long ago found half used bottle in my mother's house..my old room,together with bvl black,le roy soleil, jpg classique and other old sweethearts. Soon afterwards I got a headache and started hating violets and once beloved J. Maybe the time was not right,maybe coz it was very hot summer,maybe I was in fight with the whole world,but now there's been a change of hearts. The longevity on my skin is terrific and so are the compliments. Cavallier should try this because of the classic Cavallier-ish note that is so very distinctive.though this perfume has been in my collection for years I've never worn it more than maybe ten times. I've started to rediscover my whole wardrobe and this instantly went to my top ten! Very unique and strong,it's very original and sexy in a special way.a girly girl's sexy fragrance and not in a mysterious,dark Asian way..it's sexy,mature and playful the same time Ultraviolet opens spicy,dry and powdery..something like peppery woods but it dries down to a lush oriental floral,spicy violets in a almondy vanilla base with a fruity undertone,difficult to explain but interesting enough to buy and wear I also like it's bottle,it's uniqueness,it's color and how easy to take in hand it is..it's very long lasting on me with more than moderate sillage,it's a noticeable one I don't like to wear it in hot days because it's peppers and powders may become nauseating but wearable in other cooler days For me, As for the shape of the bottle (looks like a little UFO), the color of the liquid , and even the smell, Ultraviolet is the predecessor of Alien. This is a deep, mysterious, enchanting fragrance that is romantic in a post-modern way.

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Online shops offers: Fragrance Expert Limited 28 items for 13.00 - 54.80 4 items for 19.95 - 52.95 GBPPerfume Click 7 items for 20.83 - 35.80 GBPSlapiton 3 items for 25.00 - 46.00 GBPMankind 4 items for 27.65 - 63.00 4 items for 27.65 - 63.00 GBPEscentual 5 items for 31.45 - 54.80 GBPFragrance UK 1 product for 32.16 GBPGarden Pharmacy 4 items for 34.00 - 48.50 GBPPharmacy First 1 product for 34.92 GBPSuperdrug 1 product for 39.00 GBPFragrance 1 product for 43.19 USDFragrance 1 product for 47.99 2 items for 49.00 - 51.00 GBPStrawberry 4 items for 54.50 - 74.00 USDPerfume Plus Direct 1 product for 24.99 GBPView products... It possesses an accentuated and strong, but warm amber note without animalic or heavy nuances that envelope the skin like the warmth of the sun rays. Ofcourse, Ultraviolet contains the note of violet, which shines in a flower bouquet along with rose and jasmine. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. Violet is usually associated with ¨older women¨ but this is not the case with Ultraviolet, it has a certain chewing-gum note that may makes it a bit teenerish and makes it immediately an actual fragrance. It is more like a strong skin scent than a true Eau de Parfum.

If you are into flowery violet fragrances this is totally for you. In that sense it is a classic violet fragrance ;-).

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