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21-Nov-2014 02:35

Are you paying for Monthly Monitoring Services for the Alarm System? Or did the Panel or the Siren or the ability to be set or armed stop working?

You can usually unplug the alarm phone connection and the Alarm System still functions, it just can't call the monitoring company.

17 & 18 connect to your telephone or house phone wiring (red & green). Your monitoring service can tell you the procedure.

It's important that no other devices connect to the line between the VOIP modem and the alarm panel. Make sure the call goes out even if your phone is off the hook. Now you mentioned you do not have have an RJ-31X as such I cannot imagine a link between going to Vo IP and the system not working.

It stopped working when we switched from regular copper phone service to Vo IP with Vonage.

There's one sole cable running from my alarm box and its no longer connected to anything. Can I just connect this cable to the output on the back of my Vo IP modem?

It says it should go to an RJ31x, which I just learned what one is. The cable is wired with 4 colored wires (17-20) with this configuration (I got from the alarm box panel)17 - Brown - Tip (Handset)18 - Gray - Ring (Handset)19 - Red - Tip (Incoming)20 - Green - Ring (Incoming)Here's some pics: The RJ31x is there to seize the phone line during an alarm. Yes you can "just" hook those lines up to your Vonage adapter and your alarm "should" work. What I recommend is a service such as » buy a 2nd Vo IP adapter and that is used only for the alarm..

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Hi, not sure if this is the right forum, so I apologize in advance...I have an Ademco Vista 10e home alarm system that was already hooked up when we purchased the house from the previous owner.

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