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27-Jan-2016 18:37

We have so many dedicated experts hiking, biking and kayaking here, we were bursting with Croatia travel advice.The main ones are telling you how to get away from the crowds, which is easy if you know how. One easy step to that - discover the mountains, rivers and lakes.Fewer degrees centigrade, but more degrees of adrenaline. Xania Wear, co-founder of our supplier Wear Active, shares her Croatia travel advice: "You can't really island hop on a holiday in Croatia.In Dalmatia you have to go back to the mainland and then get another ferry out.This applies mostly to the Dubrovnik region that was affected the most.And if you do want to talk about it, inform yourself about it before you go"The Vis Regatta at the beginning May is a very local island event with Croatian skippers at the helm which not only includes sailing, but also concerts , local food and an environmental day. "we want people to enjoy themselves on holiday, so if they get too hot or tired, we have a back up van to pick them up and travel back with us if they are tired.We don't want to have mass tourism here, for sure, but keep a good balance between man and nature.

Some families resist this a little because they want to do as much as possible during their holiday time.Or they might want to have their evening meal at seven, yet it is still pretty hot here at that time and it is the best time to go swimming. So, we encourage people to break out of their normal routines a little.""A lot of people who work in tourism come from the North - which is what we call the hinterland, such as Slavonia.