How to tell if the guy i39m dating is gay

11-Mar-2015 10:29

Gay and bi men always, or almost always, give off a sexual vibe when they are around me, like they are sexually attracted to me.

If I’ve spent quite a lot of time around a man and never got that vibe, I generally say he’s not gay or bi.

One surefire way I can always tell if a man is gay or bi is how he acts when he’s around me.

It’s an exaggeration to say I’ve met 100,000 gay and bi men, but that’s what it seems like.

This is really the most obvious thing on Earth, so you would think that stupid straight men would figure this out.

Yet I’ve had male friends who knew me for years, through countless girlfriends and dates the size of parade, guys who I spent a very long time with, even took long overnight trips with.

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Of course I never gave off any gay vibes towards these guys because I don’t play that way.

Even after knowing me for over a decade, I had very good friends insist that they always thought I was gay. A man who has a lot of girlfriends and dates is almost certainly not gay. And if you’re around a guy a lot, you can tell if he likes women or not. Everyone always called him gay because he’s pretty, sensitive and soft. Their eyes light up when they see women or talk about women.

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