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10-Mar-2016 16:22

In the equally prestigious Airport Council International Airport Service Quality Awards Rajiv Ghandi International airport (RGIA) went one better, being ranked as the top airport worldwide in the 5-15m passengers per annum category.

For an airport still in its infancy (RGIA only opened in 2008), that is a first-rate effort.

Hyderabad’s new Rajiv Gandhi International may not be one of India’s largest airports, but if industry awards are anything to go by, it is certainly one of the best run.

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Well-known Indian domestic travellers abound, and the focus on luxury, high-ticket items is a reflection of Hyderabad’s thriving IT sector. Business travellers, who need to look the part for that crucial meeting, should head to Raymonds, a well-established Indian menswear retailer with stores all over the Indian subcontinent.Hyderabad is well away from India’s well-trodden backpacker circuit and has relatively few tourist draws.Perhaps it is no surprise then domestic travellers dominate RGIA’s passenger mix, accounting for around 85% of the total traffic.Nonetheless, a decent pen can still mark you out over the gnarled-biro chewing masses, especially in the more formal business world. Hyderabad has long been famous for its pearl jewellery, an association dating back to the days w hen the city was ruled by the bling-loving Nizam dynasty.

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Penning a handwritten letter has become something of a lost art in the age of the email, text message and smartphone.