Im dating rich guy

29-Oct-2016 09:14

for someone with money, but when you happen to fall for someone who has money, a lot of stresses that come with most relationships just aren’t there.

But then again, dating someone much wealthier than you comes with its own challenges.

I mean it teaches you a lot, but none of the lessons ever make you happy… So, out of those examples, this one seemed like the easiest one to talk about, even though I don’t really have any first hand experience with dating “rich men”. I always thought that if I was a girl, I’d wear a bikini and lay on a Lamborghini and wait for the owner to come by. If the guy is wealthy, chances are he works more than 80 hours a week. I mean, sure it’s possible to have him, but not that likely.

Or any experience with dating men, since I’m a single straight male after all. How many women do you think he’ll have competing for his attention to replace you?

Landing a loaded guy has long been a fantasy for some females. "They feign interest in your profession, only hang around when you're headed to the most exclusive restaurant or club, and then often invite nine of their closest friends to tag along."They're Naughty!

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He’s always going to be out on business trips and traveling the world for work. Having a butler, chef and maid at home, a driver to take you places and a valet to greet you each morning may end up causing you to lose some of those precious skills of survival you once had. Most people who end up becoming rich forget where they come from. Or he will one day make a mistake that wipes out his portfolio. The hardest part of having a rich boyfriend is that you will have to put in work to maintain your position as a trophy in their life. Things will be great today, but one day you will be back on the streets alone and single, wishing you were never with him in the first place.But then I do have a lot of rich friends, so I guess I could take from their experience. If you want a rich boyfriend, you have to realize that you will never be the #1 priority in their life. Hopefully they won’t hate me after reading this article!

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It’s a great way to reach out to influencers and other people whom you may respect in your every day life. They will shower you with gifts, but what will they ever do that will show you that they are even affectionate about you? Who knows what they do on those long business trips? Plus he’ll more than likely stay loyal to you for sticking with him through the ups and downs.To give you an example of how this works, some of Jiah Kim’s other ideas included: I really don’t like losing money because it makes me sad and unhappy… I mean, what kind of woman can resist a rich man who’s flashing money everywhere in a city outside of their home? Otherwise, to a rich man, you may just be seen as an option, not a life-long companion.

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