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By Nato Locktongbam Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, Kolkata Dr. In order to address these challenges, an attempt was made to study the rate of diffusion of inks at different time intervals using hyperspectral imaging.

Khound Directorate of Forensic Science, Government of Assam, Guwahati Priyankar Ghosh Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, Kolkata Abstract The challenges faced by the forensic document examiner are to know whether entries/writings with ink made on certain documents – such as logbooks, registers, OMR sheets, cheques, drafts, promising letter/notes, deeds, wills, prescription notes, and other important documents – are executed during the same period of time, or in different periods of time, and to know whether entries/writings were executed by the same ink.

Ball pen inks are made up of colorants (dyes and pigments) and a carrier (vehicle).

The carrier contains most of the substances that age or change with time.

No specific data bank regarding the chemical compositions and dye components for the various ink types is available.

Moreover, there are many factors affecting the rate of aging, and almost all techniques used to determine age are destructive in nature.

Two important aspects of these components are the ballpoint ink solvents used to dissolve or disperse the colorants, and the resins used to thicken the inks. Techniques and applications of Hyperspectral Image analysis.

The study was carried out to quantify the amount of ink diffusion using luminosity as a parameter at different intervals of time by preparing a Common Reference Index Value (CRIV) and to assess whether particular writings were made at the same period of time.

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This new approach can determine the relative age of the ink, in a nondestructive manner, from any two writings created at different periods of time with the same class of ink. One of the challenges faced by the forensic document examiner is determining the age of a document/ink in order to ascertain whether entries or writings – such as those in logbooks, registers, OMR sheets, deeds, cheques, drafts, and other important documents – were executed in the same period or in different periods of time. Not all published methods are reliable, however, and some have been heavily criticized (Hofer, 2004). This is because the concepts of absolute and relative aging are not clearly understood.

Many attempts have been made to determine the age of ink in the last 30 years.

Different techniques have been used, based on the study of chemical and physical properties of various types of inks.

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