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04-Nov-2014 12:52

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For example, I knew he worked in banking, and usually works on Saturdays. Another time, we were talking about hobbies and he mentioned that he wanted to buy a new Play Station for his birthday. It was because of this, and this only, now I’m thinking, maybe his only or primary intention is to do the casual sex thing.

At the game I asked him what was his idea of a perfect Saturday when he didn’t have to work. I wanted to let him know what I was on and what I wasn’t looking for, but I didn’t want to come off abrasive.

He responds with, “I wake up, have sex, go back to sleep…” Ok. I wasn’t really sure how to bring this up, or even if I should. The Women: Most of the women who responded felt like I shouldn’t have to ask him his intentions.

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He and I eventually found our way into a side conversation and hit it off. It was nothing serious, but it was definitely a good time.Before he left, he asked me for my number to keep in touch and that was that.Last week I posed a question to Twitter asking if it was better to ask a man what his intentions are, or let him know yours when it comes to spending time with someone new. The lounge we were at was pretty chill, good music, great food, and overall a great space to end the work week.I was pretty surprised by some of the responses I received, which I will share later, but first I’ll give you the back-story so you know where all of this came from. I ended up in a conversation with some people and met a guy who happened to be friends with one of my male friends that was there.

Ended up running into dude again, we exchanged pleasantries and later went our separate ways.

It was in the days that followed, that he started to hit me up.