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12-Dec-2014 07:28

Atheists already have a terrible rap for being coldhearted rationalists who attend Mensa gatherings and dismiss religious believers as simple-minded fools." See also: Atheism and social/interpersonal intelligence and Atheism and emotional intelligence and Atheism and intelligence Contrastly, Judeo-Christianity has multiple references to romance.Examples of these romantic elements are: the Christian church is the bride of Christ; Song of Songs ; the book of Ruth which is a book of romance and redemption, and Saint Valentine's Day.In 2016, Atheist Alliance International (AAI) conducted an annually reoccurring atheist census project and found: "At the time of writing, the Atheist Census Project recorded that on average worldwide 73.2% of respondents were male. As such, the focus of many scholarly papers has been on seeking to explain this persistent observation." I am looking to establish a dialog about people's thoughts on discrimination or complications that Atheism has caused in your love lives, or the love lives of people around you.I have heard many stories of people who have had trouble finding that special someone and even people who have had marriages fail over this issue.- Women overall are significantly more enthusiastic than men, nearly 10% so.- A strong interest in any political party, other than the Liberal Democrats, is linked to a decreasing interest in this international day of romance.Atheism lacks a significant tradition of romantic elements within its ideology.

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Our statistician crunched the numbers, and pulled out any links between the kind of information you find in a typical dating profile, and whether or not those people were enthusiastic fans of Valentine's Day.In my own life, since I have "come out" as an Atheist...Both Tory and Labour voters are about as unromantic as you can get, beaten only by atheists and scientists...So says our latest survey, which looked our users' attitudes to Valentine's Day - 6,878 of them in all.

- Whether or not men are religious is highly polarizing, with Christians and Catholics being amongst the most positive, and Atheists and Agnostics being amongst the most negative.See also: Atheism and women In addition, there is a large gender imbalance in the atheist population (see: Atheism and women).

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