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30-May-2015 10:43

Office romances should be covered in the employee handbook (see sample policy below), which should state that the employee discovered in an office romance will have to resign.

If it is a physician, he or she needs to be informed how detrimental this romance is to the practice.

Because I have been married to the founding physician in our group of seven for over 30 years, I really cannot be objective, but I feel we have worked out the difficulties, mostly because I am harder on my husband than the other physicians.

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Corporations usually allow office romances now, as long as there is not a supervisory relationship between the parties, and sometimes only if they work in different departments.—Debra Phairas, president, Practice & Liability Consultants Green light: Difficult but delightful I know this is a most difficult issue.Red light: Take control It’s not if it happens but when.Roughly 40% of employees in all industries polled have been involved in an office romance.

—Gail Lorenzen, CHBC, The Sage Group Yellow light: Seek legal advice It is important to have legal advice before terminating employment.Physicians are at big risk for sexual harassment claims or wrongful termination of an employee.

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