Intimidating parliament

01-Apr-2016 03:16

She added: "Which ironically I find to be extremely un-British.I would like to ask Mr Farage if he going to attempt to control his members and prevent them from this sort of intimidation both inside the chamber and more widely on social media during this campaign?"Later on Wednesday Cameron will make a statement in the Commons on the draft deal thrashed out with Brussels, giving him a chance to gauge reaction to the plan - drawn up with European Council president Donald Tusk - from his own MPs.Former defence secretary Liam Fox said he was "certain" that four or five serving Cabinet ministers would eventually come out in favour of Brexit, but he warned the PM that if he suppressed opposition to the EU until after any deal was done, he risked creating a lasting split in the Tory Party.Uzbek and Kyrgyz men play chess together in Osh in 2013.Activists say the secret police are using ethnic tensions and the threat of terrorism to harass minority Uzbeks and enrich themselves.

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(Photo: David Trilling) As President Almazbek Atambayev was trumpeting Kyrgyzstan’s democratization potential during a late March European tour, Kyrgyz state security agents were raiding a human rights organization best known for defending members of the embattled Uzbek minority in the southern city of Osh.

Civic activists have long worried that members of the opaque GKNB – successor to the Soviet-era KGB – are less interested in defending citizens from security threats than in protecting their own business interests.