Intimidating police

05-Jan-2015 17:50

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I was saying to him (when pulled over on September 17), ‘you don’t have grounds to search me, or any evidence to prove I’m a criminal, or anything... you’ve seen a black guy in a jacket pushing a bike that’s slightly broken and immediately assume he’s a criminal’.” Adair-Whyte said he is often stopped by police for no apparent reason so always films the interactions “for my safety”.During his video Adair-Whyte claims that Savage “grabbed my wrist straight away” and told him to stop, before taking his moped keys off him.

A professional standards investigation was launched on Saturday after video circulated on social media showing the officer trying to force motorist Leon Fontana from his car in Camden on Friday.The officer and a colleague who was with him during the stop are now on restricted duties.“He thinks he has the right to assault me and accuse me of being a thief, which I thought, ‘you’ve gathered all these suspicions from seeing a damaged bike’, which is unfair.”He added: “You think because you’ve got your uniform on, your little costume on, you can come and stop people and harass them and embarrass them on the high street. I lose all appetite.” Adair-Whyte said he told the officer his name and gave him the moped’s registration “without hesitation”, yet, “he still proceeded to handcuff me and detain me, call for backup..“And they search you and embarrass you and humiliate you. humiliate and embarrass me on the road and I hadn’t actually done anything wrong, or anything suspicious.

The incident has since prompted moped-rider Kyle Adair-Whyte to upload footage showing an interaction he had with the lead officer - known only as PC Savage - on September 17.The clip shows the policeman handcuffing and detaining Adair-Whyte on suspicion of being involved in “moped enabled snatches”, before calling for back-up.