Intimidating the neighbors ep

10-Nov-2014 03:25

A decorated police officer and single father relies on his kind and generous neighbors to help care for his beloved daughter.

When she accuses one of them of molesting her, anger boils over, all hell breaks loose...

Two young couples in an Idaho apartment building walk on eggshells around a neighbor who can't stand the one couple's music and the other's dog.

Tensions keep rising between all parties until finally hell breaks loose and a violent rampage erupts.

The ensuing blame game, hostility and rising conflict ends in gunfire, death, injury and ruin.If no violence is involved, the court at any time can refer the parties to mediation.

But the end of Potter saw him finally take a long break.… continue reading »

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In the coming weeks I shall be splitting this website into two separate sites.… continue reading »

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