Intimidating work

11-Jun-2015 04:57

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If you’re dealing with bullying, remember whoever’s doing it is probably using it as a way of dealing with their own problems. They could be motivated by jealousy, lack of knowledge, fear or misunderstanding. No one deserves or asks to be bullied, no matter what.If you’re being bullied at work, it can have a major effect on your work and your confidence.You might: See bullying for more about the other effects.Bullying at work often takes the form of psychological or social intimidation, like: This can happen, and it can get pretty serious.Remember, physical assault and threatening behaviour just isn’t on, for starters, it’s against the law.Bullying isn’t something that just happens in school.Workplaces can be a hotbed of aggression, intimidation and general meanness.As with bullying at school or anywhere else, people who bully other people at work often have low self-esteem or have been a victim of violence themselves.

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Working somewhere where you’re being intimidated or threatened is not on.

It can have a really negative effect on both your performance and your confidence.