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treks to Harlem, where several scenes take place, to film street scenes at 125th St. “ We would run around shooting, then get back in the van and go,” Elster said.

Now a writer and director living Downtown, Elster has tackled acting once again, delivering a natural and powerful performance in her first feature film set entirely in and around New York City.

“ Particles of Truth” follows eight New Yorkers’ lives over the course of 48 hours as the main character, Lilli Black, played by Elster, prepares for the opening night of her first art exhibition. Along with Black’s love interest — an obsessive-compulsive writer who works out of his SUV — an ultra-religious roommate, and drug-addict parents, Black confronts her past, her fears and her insecurities.

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As a sixth-grade student living on New York’s Upper West Side, Jennifer Elster played Uncle Sam in her school play and froze before she could deliver her opening line.

Jennifer Elster is an only child who was born and raised by progressive parents in New York City. In the Woods a mysterious, existential journey: a walk into the ...

Elster is a film writer, director, producer, performer and an executive at The Development Productions. Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov.

The camera leads viewers into the story through the window of Lilli’s Tribeca apartment.

In the end, Elster uses another window—the sunroof of the SUV—and sunset sky images to close with a similar, but altered image. “ In the beginning there’s some kind of restriction from the freedom.