Is nick dating miley

06-Sep-2015 20:58

Now Miley, these are some serious hard feelings about Selena.But really, you are totally acting on hunches and suspicions. But — and this is a big but — when Miley and Nick, 22, broke up, Selena stepped into her relationship shoes and got romantic with Nick in 2008. Miley must have thought that Selena violated the “girl code” of never dating one of your girlfriends’ exes.And clearly, Selena’s supposed “betrayal” has stayed under Miley’s thin skin. 21 to pointedly mock Selena by posting a photo of herself in a black push-up bra with pouty lips, just four days after Selena posted a very similar pic. And yes, Selena has over 7 million more Instagram followers, with 22.8 million verses Miley’s 15.5 million.Miley made her diss even more obvious with this caption: “Do yiew tink if I push muah titties up I’ll get mo followahhhzzzz? Well, Selena took the diss challenge and shot right back at Miley with an Instagram sticking her tongue way out, à la Miley’s signature pose.But I have to point out that Selena has been the more restrained party in this feud.

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And Selena, you are just adding fuel to the fire by responding to Miley publicly.

Ladies, wouldn’t it be better if one of you just picked up the phone and agreed to meet and talk?

Miley, spill out your suspicions and give Selena a chance to respond.

It was Miley, after all, who defaced a cardboard cutout photo of Selena at a concert in Milan, Italy on June 8, and also sang her song “FU.” Well, Hollywood has uncovered the source of all this nastiness.

Miley “is convinced that Nick cheated on her with Selena while they were still together and she’s still bitter about it,” a source close to Miley, 22, revealed to Hollywood exclusively.You two are young and in the exact same business; you will be running into each other for decades to come.

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