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Matt is hellbent on getting his revenge on Stefan Salvatore for being involved in Penny's death, however, after a series of events that forces Matt to try and save Bonnie from being a bloodthirsty Supernatural Huntress, Matt is done fighting the war between humans and vampires.Matt decides to leave Mystic Falls and start a normal life outside the world of vampires. He is the son of Kelly Donovan and an unnamed father. Because Kelly and Miranda Gilbert, who was Elena's adoptive mother, were best friends since high school, Matt knew Elena since infancy, occasionally sharing a crib.Upon learning about the existence of supernatural creatures, he begins to distance himself from the Mystic Falls Gang, but eventually starts to help his friends defeat enemies that cause terror in their hometown, and also fixes his friendship with Caroline. He began a brief relationship with Rebekah Mikaelson at the end of Season Four, but ended after she had left Mystic Falls.After Elena Gilbert falls into a magical, coma-like slumber being Kai Parker links her to Bonnie Bennett, Matt is forced to step up his game and eventually becomes the sheriff of Mystic Falls.Matt still hoped they could be together, but it was not likely to happen due to Elena's instant connection to the new student, Stefan Salvatore. At the start of a new school year, Matt saw that Elena was strongly drawn to the handsome, mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore.I reached out to all my contacts, knowing they'd show up sooner or later. After the death of Elena's parents, Elena broke up with Matt because she lost interest in him, although Matt still cares about Elena deeply and they've managed to maintain a good friendship. Matt is the ex-boyfriend of both Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert, as well as the younger brother of Vicki Donovan.He begins dating Caroline Forbes and encourages her to become a more caring, kind and selfless young woman.

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After Matt's exit from Mystic Falls, he becomes yet another character to exit as a main character on the show and at Season Seven's finale. They grew up together, being really close childhood friends, and began dating in their teenage years feeling they owed it to themselves to try.His best friends are Jeremy Gilbert, Tyler Lockwood, Elena Gilbert, and Bonnie Bennett. When Elena's parents died, she broke up with Matt because she needed time alone to figure out her feelings.

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