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15-Mar-2016 23:27

Thanks to the benefits mentioned above, the DRAMINSKI i Scan gathers a lot of positive opinions all over the world.

It is set as an example of a diagnostic device ideal to be used in very demanding conditions.

Moreover, the i Scan has a solid case which is easy to wash as it is made of high quality plastic.

It also protects the scanner against the influence of high and low temperatures.

It was created thanks to miniaturization of the electronic systems and the use of efficient power supply.

When designing the project and implementing the suggested solutions we consulted with veterinary doctors in order to create the DRAMINSKI i Scan the most adjusted to your needs and situations which take place in the field.

I regard i Scan as a user-friendly, portable scanner with extremely high image quality.” “I have just using the DRAMIŃSKI i Scan it is my favourite to date and I am enjoying using it as I can see ever more detail at ovarian and uterine level.

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(check the vets’ opinions) Now when you buy one of the ultrasound scanners (i Scan, ANIMALprofi 2 or 4Vet mini) you will receive a protective apron with DRAMINSKI logo as a gift!

It has appropriate length, comfortable tie and practical color to provide comfort of work during examinations in the field. “i Scan provides a clear image with high resolution. to change the depth, save images, zoom in and out etc.