Issues arise concerned with consilidating departments savanna ga dating

15-Jan-2015 13:27

Successfully embedding a new direction will depend on the alignment and support of the SES.

There is a requirement for whole-of-department leadership.

While recent Mo G changes have contributed to improvements in collegiate discussions across business lines, the current departmental structure is not viewed as conducive to a cohesive culture.

In addition to building a more effective culture of teamwork at the SES level, RET would benefit from enhanced communication across the department to promote greater awareness of its identity and the relevance of all business areas and external stakeholders.

The recent post-Mo G establishment of a dedicated communication branch has been welcomed as an important first step to address this need. With the arrival of a new Secretary and several new SES, including an additional Deputy Secretary, have come a refresh of the approach to work, enhanced capabilities and a new direction.

It does not provide a shared view of success through a strategic statement that is relevant to RET's collective and individual workplace functions and the value it brings to Australia.

This is recognised and work has begun to develop a new corporate plan to drive effective business planning.

This will be of particular benefit to the department as it considers its identity and direction in a changing policy environment.

The arrival of new leadership has been of benefit in changing behaviour, but it will require ongoing commitment and sustained effort from all leaders., with in-depth understanding of relevant industry sectors, historically RET has not been viewed as a cohesive, integrated team.

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