Its lunch dating service

06-Nov-2015 14:02

READ CAREFULLY AS THIS COMPANY WAS ALREADY SUED -- see this link I have had numerous dating coaches, talked with someone named Mike that was supposed to be senior management, who said he would add a few extra months on to my contract. I might have joined had it not been for the extreme hard sell. Once they received their money, they barely spent any time with me. At least 4 times they had cancelled same day of the date.

I am not desperate but I was tired of the online scene and thought to sign up with an exclusive high quality matching service. I don't know how they have been able to stay in business. I had to explain and justify why I would not pay to join until I read the contract. I was told that I would get 2-3 dates a week and they could not meet that.

It had been 4 years since I'd escaped the machinations of a sociopathic man and I was lulled into believing their hype about client safety and careful vetting of dates.I thought it could not hurt to make an inquiry to see just how careful they really are.