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Then I'd ring the BHF tomorrow and tell them that calling at that time of night is unacceptable and not fair on the elderly, disabled and those with very young children.Like yourself we also have elderly neighbours and we had just gotten our 3 young children to sleep.I continuously get talk talk around tea time and when im just about to leave for work for the evening, even though they have already been in the area they always come back round, they just cant take a "no".They always ask to come in and im not a forward person so i cant say no go away or no im doing tea i havent got time, or im not interested i have virgin lol My friend had a cancer charity knocking at hers pm the other night. I had a "disabled childens charity" call at my house the other afternoon.I've just had the British Heart Foundation knocking on our door at 8.45pm trying to get us to sign up to paying donations by direct debit. The main reason I'm annoyed is my elderly grandparents live next door and alot of elderly people live on our street and to have them open the door at this time I think is awful. We get Jehovah's a lot but not one they come in big groups including kids. Hi we had them at our door at pm a couple of weeks ago same charity. Thanks x Stop Cold Calling Door Sticker - No Cold Callers - No Religious Groups - No Salesmen - Fully Weatherproof Sign: uk: Kitchen & Home Go round all your elderly neighbours and ask them if they want a sign put up ... Not charities just political parties around election time come late at night which seems a stupid way to get votes by annoying people.

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My little boy is in bed at 7, and had them knocking quite late and waking him up. I'm going to try find a way to complain tomorrow as I don't think they should be knocking on doors at that time.

I just dont answer the door now or home phone after dark, family know if anything wrong my mobile is on 24/7. I'd tell them I gave through Give As You Earn at work but would be speaking to my HR the next workday to take them off my donations list as I was so offended by the time of night they thought it acceptable to bang on my door!!!! (And if it was a charity I do actually give to - I have a few I donate small monthly sums to - I would carry out that threat! The bloke said they are licensed to do it until 9pm but with the cold dark nights drawing in, and most people having their doors locked by then, they would do it earlier.

I wasn't in the best of moods and was very tempted when he said to me "So your not interested are you....." to shout back at him " Yes I bl**dy am my own child has special needs what are you going to do for me?

" Wish I had just to see his face really winds me up, I asked one once why they were knocking after dark and they said it was to catch more people who went to work in the day.

Supposedly they can do it until 9pm I believe but dont tend to go later than 8pm.When I went to my door in my pj's (thinking something bad had happened for their to be a knock that late) I saw there was two houses across out in their pj's and slippers and one next door at my neighbour too though she told them where to shove it as they had woke her up I havent found a way to complain about it yet, worst thing is I told them look im not being funny but i just got my 3 young kids to sleep and its a bit late, he said oh sorry blah blah blah and carried on his speel. I'm not keen on any unwelcome callers to be honest.

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