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13-Sep-2015 16:40

In the process, it is our desire to assist you in building your family legacy.Now, some liberal Christians, or ex-Christians and atheists and agnostics, who I saw discussing this letter, on another website or two, had a fit over Dobson’s comments about Obamacare, or they laughed about it.They were offended or put off by the anti Obamacare commentary.As I hope you know, the Obama Administration has mandated and intends to require that pro-life organizations, such as ours, and our healthcare insurers or administrators provide abortion-inducing drugs and devices to our employees, and thereby violate our deeply held convictions. But if you can help us here at the end of the year, it would be greatly appreciated.Will you prayerfully consider a gift this month to help us reach and impact millions of families?

” (You can view that post (Link): here.) I will give the folks at Dobson’s “Family Talk” props for (Link): the post with content by pastor Greg Laurie on how to handle the death of a loved one, because death is something that affects EVERYONE, regardless or marital status.Farther down the page, though, is a post with a photo of a laughing couple with text reading: “When two people Love each other deeply…” (you can view that post (Link): here).Clearly, given the photo and such, it is referring to marital / romantic love, not the love that two friends can have for one another.Christian culture never acknowledges or promotes Friendship Love.

It remains obsessed with pushing a very narrow view of love: love for God, love for spouse, and sometimes, love for one’s own off spring.

What of people who have never married or who are childless? Anyway, Dobson recently sent out a letter begging donors for more money.