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(organized group dates) are a mixed bag – sometimes they’re a whole lot of fun, and other times they’re a downright uncomfortable experience.For Japanese women wanting to reduce their risk of having a terrible time, one magazine has put together a list of the top companies to avoid when it comes to lecherous guys at their drinking parties. It’s kind of like a group blind date as the aim is generally to find a potential partner, either just for the night or for the long haul.Things can get dangerous, as one woman recalled witnessing a man “pretending to look after a completely drunk girl while groping her breasts”, and another certain that she had been slipped something in her drink.From their survey, the magazine put together this list of the top 5 worst companies or industries for pushy Of course as the aim is to drink and hit it off with someone, a certain amount of lewd jokes and drinking games are to be expected.While plenty of these group dates are fun and friendly affairs, where the worst that happens is awkward morning-after LINE conversations reminding each other of terrible karaoke, women do have to look out for themselves.

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Typically a single guy and girl who know each other will invite their coworkers as well as friends from other companies so that the end result is that most people at the don’t know each other, and the rest stagger home alone.The men and women sit opposite each other, and once the drink is flowing the conversation gets rowdier, until the end of the night when those who want to pair off do so.

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