Jason varitek dating heidi watney

10-May-2015 09:51

After being extended for four outs the prior day, and pitching for the third day in a row you can't really expect too much of a guy in such an emotionally charged game. Kotsay gets a lead off walk which is like gold when trying to score a run, I'm too lazy to look up the statistics right now, but trust me, the rate of those runs scoring are very high. Percival was all over the place and could NOT find the plate, so what does Francona do with very good and eligible left handed bats on the bench? AND we also have TWO catchers on the bench who can come in the tenth and hit .225 for the Sox. So Varitek and Tito know that Troy boy can't find the plate and continue to try and bunt at balls that aren't even around the plate, and one that literally would have hit him. Everyone has an off night I guess, but man, I still feel hoarse from yelling at the TV. Watney comments, rumor has it from a fairly reliable source of mine that Jason Varitek is dating NESN "host" Heidi Watney.

What gets me, is why in the hell did Papelbon pitch against the Rangers Sunday? First and second with no out and Papi up, sure sounds nice huh? Yeah she's hot and all, but if this is true it shows you the good ol' boy attitude the major media has towards the captain. Not that I expect Tom Caron to cover this on NESN, but man, pretty bad that this is a non-story.

Former Sox catcher Jason Varitek, his wife Catherine, and Varitek’s daughters from his first marriage, in Fort Myers, FL., where Varitek announced his retirement last spring.

Heidi Watney is an American sportscaster and journalist who was born on May 19, 1981 (her current age is 35 years old) in San Diego, United States of America.

This made it difficult for her mother to work, and after they had lived for two years in Vietnam, they returned to the USA and her parents got divorced, while she was only 7.

She was born to a reporter mother named Alison Brooks and her father Dean Mitchell Watney was in the US Army.

Due to the nature of her daddy’s job, they moved around quiet frequently.

Papelbon just didn't look himself, and he fell behind early to Dan Johnson which is an uncharacteristic trait of the closer. And he doesn't even send him up there to swing, he sends him up there to BUNT.

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It was a 7-2 game and I know he "needs his work", but seriously, if he has to pitch three games in a row, or "get his work in", shouldn't that be against the team we're trying to catch in the East? Then to cherry off the at bat Jason Watney watches the only strike thrown to him backdoor him out as he tries to complain about God knows what to the ump. The family man divorces his wife, can't hit his way out of a wet paperbag, and now dates the new floozy anchor host who apparently got fired from her last job for dating Jake Peavy (can't confirm this last part, help? Either way, it's interesting how little mention there's been of this, and in the end who cares as longs as he's playing good ball..yeah, hitting "OK" for two weeks isn't good ball, I don't care how "good of a game" he calls.

My source said the Red Sox organization isn't too happy with either parties, but you can't control who you love right?

Hindsight's always a funny thing, however in last nights case I think it's something that's necessary.

Yes it's a nine inning game, and yes focusing on one inning isn't looking at the whole picture, but trust me, come October the ninth inning is all that matters when you have a one run lead at home.

The shaky (or can we start calling that consistent?) start of Dice-K is gone, the heroics of Manny Delcarmen and Jason Bay are past, it's down to just those three outs, and that's all that matters. That's how close the Boston Red Sox were to re-claiming, what once looked like was too far out of reach, first place in the AL East.

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